​Timber Island Builders was founded on the cornerstone of hard working Yankee ingenuity.
We are dedicated to producing beautiful products with sensitivity to the environment, and the individual needs of the client. 

“The construction industry is one of the most environmentally detrimental actions that the human race takes part in.  The consumption of raw materials and the energy to produce these materials can be excessive. I am keenly aware of this and I truly care about the world my children will grow up in. As a result, I look at each new home or home renovation with respect and lasting effects.  The staff at Timber Island Builders shares this outlook with me.”     - Jake Gott, President of Timber Island Builders​

General Contracting in Kennebunkport

At Timber Island Builders in Kennebunkport, Maine, we believe in creativity, partnership, and environmental sensitivity; the home projects we design & build in Southern Maine reflect those values. 

Custom made bunk bed

Timber Island Builders

Timber rafter tails

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Deck from a scuttled schooner repurposed into a kitchen island